"Wrocław after sunset"


Autor: Anna Będkowska – Karmelita


Rok wydania: 2016                                                                 Second edition expanded and corrected

Format: 24 x 33 cm, 156 stron

Oprawa: twarda

Papier: okładka – tektura 2,5 mm + oklejka - kreda 150 g/m2, uszlachetniona folią aksamitną i lakierem wybiórczym;                                 środek - kreda półmatowa 170 g/m2


wersja angielska - ISBN 978-83-62194-21-6


"Wrocław After Sunset" - it's an exclusive photo album, an excellent gift or souvenire from the Capitol of Lower Silesia.

Since the first edition enjoyed great popularity and was highly regarded, this second edition has been enriched by a new look and updated to include events and objects from Wrocław's most recent years.

It is a unique presentation of illuminated Wrocław: a modern, colourful city where walkers will feel excellent. More than 260 thoroughly selected pictures by an experienced architecture photographer – Anna Będkowska-Karmelita – serve as signposts; to follow them is to uncover the beauty of the capital of Lower Silesia – after dusk.

In this book, we will encounter interesting events and places of modern Wrocław, captured in photographs, but a note of nostalgia will appear as well, enchanted in lithographs and archival photographs. A thoroughly prepared Chronology shows the history of the city on the Oder, its turbulent past, curiosities from the times of old.

Wrocław, once a metropolis of great importance for the Bohemian and German state, today bears witness to multiculturalism and reveals – in the photographs presented here – its beauty in the historic, scientific, as well as recreational, entertainment and… magical aspect. The album will encourage you to discover the charm of places “incited by light”, provide aesthetic sensations and prompt reflection.

Album zawiera:

  • 260 fotografie wieczorne ułożone zgodnie z trasą spaceru po Wrocławiu
  • 18 litografii i zdjęć archiwalnych
  • 234 punkty Kalendarium przedstawiające dzieje Wrocławia


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cena detaliczna:   65, teraz  62,- zł wersja angielska

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